American Demolition & Grading, Inc. maintains a 24/7 emergency response division made up of some of our most seasoned operators and field supervisors. American Demolition & Grading site demolition, asbestos removal and earthwork experience ensures that we can handle emergencies large and small and respond quickly and effectively.

American Demolition & Grading, Inc. trained personnel are on call 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year, to respond to your emergency response needs through Southern California. Whether responding to a trucking incident, leaking containers or drums, spills on the water, leaking tank or gas station spills, our emergency response team will arrive quickly with dedicated response vehicles,

From accidents and fires, to earthquakes and water main breaks, American Demolition & Grading, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to help owners and municipalities recover from disasters and emergencies quickly and safely.